All kinds of driveways & patios restored to look like new with our high pressure cleaners. All surfaces cleaning with no damage caused to joints. We can use our water supply if necessary.

Have your paving sealed to provide multiple benefits, they will: Inhibit weed growth, Bind the jointing sand together, Enhance and restore colour to surface, Resist stains, especially oil leaks


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Power Washing & Sealing
First appearances are so important and none more so than having your driveway kept clean and weed free. Block paving totally transforms any area , that has block pavers installed. The finishes available nowadays can be really spectacular and the variety of stone is ever expanding with tumbled cobbles as an extremely popular alternative.

After a short period of time the blocks soon succumb to dirt and weed growth and often suffer from oil leaks or other staining on the surface. Homefront Driveways & Patios has the experience and professional pressure washing equipment that can bring your tired block paving back to life with a great depth of colour and fresh kiln dried sand between the joints that can be sealed to protect against oil leaks,weed growth and keep on going maintenance to a minimum.

We pressure wash block paving throughout Essex. If your driveway has suffered from an oil leak and is heavily infested with weed growth we will pre treat these areas 7-10 days prior to carrying out a full pressure clean. We use an industrial grade bio-degradable oil treatment that needs to be applied and if required covered and left for several days to allow the chemical to literally eat away at the residue. This process has a great success rate but we cannot guarantee 100% removal as differing types of blocks and oil combined with the length of time the leak has been in place all contribute to the difficulty. What we can assure you of is a significant change in appearance.

With the oil treated and weeds killed off we will pressure wash the entire area removing all evidence of weed growth, dirt and traffic film. We will initially clean the area with our rotary headed cleaner and then go over the area once more with our lance. For customers electing to have the surface sealed we will conduct a deeper clean removing a substantial portion of the kiln dried sand. For clean and re-sand only jobs we will leave the surface to dry out before brushing back in fresh kiln dried sand to secure the blocks. We can also carry out remedial repairs to block pavers that have been disturbed from tree root growth or areas of subsidence.

We use a top quality sealer to secure the sand, but importantly this process is only carried out after leaving a 3-5 days drying period to ensure the sealer has no reaction to any retained moisture.

We remove all debris from the site and wash down all walls and windows that have debris from the pressure washing.

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