Drop Kerbs

If you’re tired of parking in your road and want to park on your driveway, you will need a drop kerb to stop damaging your car. Drop kerbs need permission from your council to be fitted and may require planning permission. Homefront Driveways has an approved NRSWA street works licence and can help you with this process. If you would like to know more or would like a free no-obligation quote please call us on 0800 1075162 or 07733 109575.

Planning a Dropped Kerb

A dropped kerb requires the removal of the existing kerbs and pavement to create a smooth entrance in and out of your driveway. As the pavement is owned by the county council, permission must be sought before any work can commence and must be carried out by an approved contractor. Homefront Driveways has an approved NRSWA street works licence.

Contacting the Council

Suffolk Highways are in charge of the roads and pavements in Suffolk. Before any work can start on a drop kerb, permission must be sought and a fee must be paid to the council when you submit your request, This fee is paid direct to Suffolk County Council. To contact the council please click on the image to find out if you meet the requirements for a drop kerb.


One important part of installing a drop kerb is that no water will drain from your driveway onto the pavement. Homefront Driveways can ensure that all aspects of drainage on your driveway meet this requirement by advising you and fixing any issues that you may have.

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